New ideas to up your real estate lead generation game in 2019

Lead Generation for Real Estate Firms

In today’s fast-paced market, especially when it comes to the Real Estate, even the most seasoned brokers and real estate agents may find themselves out of depth and at a lack of ideas which they could use to chalk out helpful strategies.

There would be days where you have a lot of prospects on your plate but and times too when your plate is empty and your bucket has dried up.
We are here to help you freshen up those lead channels so that irrespective of the current market scenario, you will have a steady flow of leads and don’t struggle with ideas to find the next one.

When we look at the field if Real Estate, we know that the same core rules of marketing which are applicable in other fields, hold relevance for this field too.

Lead Generation will help you to convert those prospecting buyers into hot qualified leads with them already being interested in the value addition you provide to them apart from the standard broking and realtor services.

Generating Leads is a tricky process as it is and can be a very rough terrain to tread upon because of all the challenges you face to generate those qualified leads.

Here are some ideas to help you with generating leads to keep you ahead of the curve in the Real Estate territory :


The experience that your clients have when working with you and the relationship you build with them can take you a long way to generating a pipeline of future clients.
Take help from your clients & spread your name via word of mouth. Your client network will get you testimonials, gain you some local clout and then you could use them on major Real Estate platforms online which will help you gain inbound leads too.
Client satisfaction and their experience with you will be even more favorable as you will have a trust – establishing a link with the prospecting buyers out there in the market.

  • Gain Traction on Social Media 

Adding to the previous point, sharing the fruitful experiences your clients had while working with you will showcase the added benefits someone has when they avail of your services. This boosts your PR and gives you an edge over other competing Real Estate agents and brokers.

In short, celebrate them as achievements!

Social Media Marketing is imperative and having a highly optimized marketing strategy tailor-made for every platform is a given if you want to benefit from these platforms instead of acting as a milking cow for them!

Retarget Audiences using Custom Audiences on Facebook. Create your funnel and share value-adding educational content and bring your audiences down the funnel where you pitch and offer special offers to the prospects who are at the bottom of your funnel. Upsell to your existing customers and create look-alike audiences to increase your target audience base. 

Use Video Ads effectively. Go live on Facebook in the properties which you are listing.
Put content on YouTube, showcase your listings and created guided video tours for prospects so that they get to see the nice parts inside & out.

Creating an attractive, informational and immersive experience for your clients doesn’t require professional equipment. Keep your videos personal to increase viewer interest in your listings.

  • Generate Leads on LinkedIn

Identify key LinkedIn groups where your prospecting audience might be. Know where your target audiences are active, be it, first-time home hunters or local investors, search for groups where they are active. Start contributing to those groups and add value to their discussions and show your expertise by responding to queries.
Share your personal blog content and articles which cater to the questions or doubts which home buyers have. Basically, providing knowledge to build rapport and then follow up such prospects that you might convert later.

The usage of this platform even on the professional forefront is increasing and is in it’s prime.

There will be a sustained increase in the average audience which LinkedIn has and it will continue to drive people looking for professionals and services in all fields including Real Estate.

So, ignoring this platform to look for new leads is not an option.

  • Increase Visibility on Google SERP when people search for their Real Estate requirements

The best way of improving visibility on Google Search Results Page is to Create High-Quality Content. Answer the burning questions people have regarding real estate. Ranking organically on Google’s first results page will surely take time but it would always trump content which is posted focusing on just target keywords. Ask your clients what problems they faced while searching for their homes, or what area they needed clarity upon and their concerns.

Search online for the things people are asking the most about, thus find questions and then address these common problems. This will improve your ranking owing to Google’s searching engine developed for providing relevant answers to user’s intent-based search queries.

Local SEO is also a game-changer in this regard. Set up your Google My Business profile. Give as much information as possible if your profile, so people searching for similar businesses can get most of the information they want straight off the bat.

Build links & start getting listed in online directories. Use Social Media Channels effectively to engage with users & communicate what you’re all about. Drive them to your business and always keep on retargeting the existing customer base. 

Though the whole process of Local SEO & Content creation takes time, this will be a sure-shot way of generating a pipeline of qualified leads for the future. This will earn you that much needed online real estate once, you have a good presence online.

Lastly, never stop updating your online content, the hard-earned organic visibility will wane after some time if your blogs are not updated, if current offers and other content is not regularly updated. 

  • Give Importance to your Website Design

A beautiful website always helps. A good, intuitive design that guides the visitor naturally through all of the sections designed with strategically placed CTAs is bound to boost the number of conversions your website generates for you.

Create an IDX enabled website and showcase your listings from MLS in visually stunning ways.
Use your blog content, add the latest community news, and include features such as lead capture forms. 

Include Video Content on your website to provide ease of access to your visitors. They will be drawn to your business because of the design, the real estate listings showcase, the blog content. 

Provide guides and other educational and useful readable material to users to provide information through lead capture forms or pop-up forms.

A website containing all such features will act as a key source for generating leads.

  • Using Lead Generation Softwares specially designed for the Real Estate business will give you an edge

There is a wide variety of software available on the Internet that helps realtors capture fresh leads, build IDX Websites and collect data.

Check out these, to begin with:

  1. Zillow Premier Agent
  2. Placester
  3. Showcase IDX
  4. Area Pulse

Such software is not only important to generate leads but they are also useful to link different phases of the marketing process.

  • Divide your leads into parts to chalk out effective strategies for each part

Lead Segmentation is a very important process. Segregating your existing lead database and organizing them based on certain criteria will provide you insights regarding your own data and help you in lead generation as well.

Few of the criteria which you could use to part your leads by can be:

  1. ‘Hot’  or ‘Cold’ Leads, their frequency of interacting with your content, your social media posts, newsletters, etc.
  2. The specific nature of action they take may include downloading certain online guides or signing up to your mailing lists.
  3. Buyer Personas or even segment the leads that you have acquired based on demographics, age-groups, etc.

If you have knowledge about the different types of interaction based on different criteria, you would then know how to target and approach your leads accordingly. For example, you may need to start off and re-introduce yourself and your business to leads who are ‘cold’ and are not active participants with your outreach campaigns. Find ways to ‘warm’ them up again! Build your Retargeting funnel accordingly. People who are highly active and interact with your outreach activities regularly signify that you do not need to take time to explain your brand to them. Personalize your pitch to this audience with your offers and be a little direct instead of making things for inviting for already ‘hot’ leads.

Keep the ‘cold’ leads on email drips, so they are still in the loop regarding your opportunities.

Segregating your leads in such ways will help you in generating qualified leads and will help you to invest your resources more efficiently towards different segments according to different major activities and behavior.

  • Do not ignore expired listings

Only 3% of the For Sale By Buyer listings are sold on time, with the percentage of the houses receiving their due value languishing less than a mere 18%.

Find such listings, search on Craiglist or other real estate websites and make an offer to help the listers to get the most out of their expired listing.

Give them your freebies, be understanding about what they require and what did not work in their favor earlier, approach with a little subtlety and be a bit careful because of the past experience with their real estate listing.

You never know such an approach could help you with leads more than you could’ve ever imagined.

I’m sure these ideas will help you to gain more insights into different approaches you could take with your lead generation strategies. Leads are the lifeline of any business & even more so for the real estate industry. Try out these ideas, tweak them according to your region and needs, and see what difference they make in getting you more leads for your real estate business.

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